Smallest Premature Baby To Ever Survive

In December, a German baby weighing about the same as a new born was discharged from hospital. The little one was already six months old and his is a story of the incredible will to live ably being assisted by a health care system that works.

He was born extremely premature; weighed about half a pound and was so small he would have fit into a sheet of notepaper. In most cases, such an extremely premature infant would not have survived; however this is an extraordinary tale that could serve to inspire millions of parents out there not to lose hope.

This is the smallest male infant ever to have survived. He was born after just 25 weeks of gestation, barely past the half way mark of a normal pregnancy.  There have been other female infants to have survived in the past but this is the smallest baby boy to have survived.

He was in an incubator with his breathing and eating tubes constantly monitored and after 6 months in intensive care, he was released to his parents. This incredible battle against the odds gives hope and encouragement to other parents not to lose hope or to give up the battle for life.

Source: rantrave


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