Scientology and Newborn Babies

Scientology as a religious belief has always inspired a lot of public interest due to many celebrities who have espoused its beliefs – most famously Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes believe in scientology and entertainers such as John Travolta, Chick Corea and Kristie Alley also espouse scientology beliefs.

When it comes to newborn babies, scientology advocates the silent birth, which is supposed to provide the best possible environment for the baby and birthing mother.

Scientology and Newborn BabiesThere are no spoken words, so that a calm environment greets the baby, preventing adverse effects of any noise, later in life.

And when the baby arrives, parents are to try their utmost to make the baby feel welcome and part of the family.

They try to make sure that the birthing process was easy and non traumatic for the baby and they then start talking to the baby.

According to the scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, it is important to start to communicate with a baby right away and tell him or her how glad the parent is about their arrival and how happy the parent is to meet their little baby.

Though one may think that the baby may not understand the actual words, they do understand and immediately respond to the warm, caring and loving tone of voice that speaks to them, they feel comforted and nurtured by a parent telling them that they are a part of their life and that they are so very welcome.

You could call it scientology principles or just common sense really. Research has shown that babies who are held and cuddled and spoken to, are less fretful, sleep better, and fare better generally, than those who are not.

So make sure that you spend a lot of loving time to bond with and get to know your little bundle of joy right from the moment he or she arrives.


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