Parenting Can Be Messy – Relax

Parenting can be overwhelming for so many different reasons and it is necessary for parents to just relax a bit.  Becoming a parent is supposed to offer untold joy, happiness and fulfillment but parenting can also be messy and really grim.

becoming a parentParenthood can swamp you in feelings of responsibility and you may well want to escape.

You wonder how you can possibly do it all right for that tiny scrap of life that is so completely dependent on you, and you are under tremendous pressure to do it ‘right’. It can take over your schedule, leaving you with little time for yourself.

Where there is great tenderness for the little baby, it can also be accompanied by great despair. There is in fact greater emotional distress and depression among parents of young children than there is among childless people.

In parenthood there is stress, worry, financial strain, lack of freedom, pressure on a marital relationship as well as the pressure to ‘hyperparent’ to produce as enriching an environment for the baby as possible.

So yes parenting can be exhausting, and it is OK to admit it!


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