Not One, Two Or Three, But Four Babies! New Born Quadruplets Doing Well

We all know by now probably, how exhausting a new born baby can be; how much work that tiny little life is able to generate all on their own! And so if its multiples, it can only mean twice, thrice or four times the work!

And now with there being an increasing number of assisted pregnancies happening, multiples are becoming ever more common. In spite of multiples becoming more common; quads are still a rarity.

According to reports, a doctors at the Methodist Hospital in Omaha have helped deliver a set of quadruplets who are al doing fine according to the spokesperson of the hospital. The father of this set of quad babies is already associated with another set of quads; being an uncle to quadruplets.

There is always the apprehension of multiples being born early and these were no exception: the quads, all boys, were born two months too early.

The upbringing of multiples can at this time seem overwhelming and hugely demanding, but over time, as routines are established and parents become more dexterous at managing their babies, things do get easier.

And as the babies get older there will be the added benefit of them being able to amuse one another and keep one another entertained!


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