Newborns Shown Affection Cope Better As Adults

Here is one more reason to cuddle, hug, hold and show affection on your little new arrival. Researchers claim that those showered with affection as babies, cope with stress better as adults.

newbornA new study has found that warmth and nurturing received in infancy has a long reaching impact that extends to adulthood, positive effects on mental health.

The study tracked nearly 500 individuals up to the age of 34, noting their reactions to different types of distress; emotions such as hostility, stress, anger and sensitivity and anxiety and how they impacted those individuals were recorded.

The study found that those children, who had been offered lot of affection as children, were able to handle all types of distress better as adults. In particular, they were seen to handle anxiety best when they had been loved as babies.

As a mother shows affection to her baby, this translates to better bonding and attachment. This results in lower distress levels in childhood as well as adulthood, say the researchers.

Even earlier it has been ably demonstrated that good bonding between children and parents can have many positive repercussions, higher self esteem, better adaptability, lower levels of depression etc.


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