How Newborn Eye Color Changes

Everybody gets their eye color through genetics. However, it does not matter what your own or your partner’s eye colors are – your baby can be born with blue eyes.

There are many questions concerning the newborn eye color and the one answer is: it’s all down to science.

Newborn Eye Color Is Due to Melanin

Newborn Eye ColorMelanin is the brown pigment that will help to color eyes, skin and hair. However, the molecule does not develop full in the irises at first. It is not just babies that are born with blue eyes; cats and some of the other animals in the world are also born like this.

The iris is the part that will help with the control of light entering the eye. This is a code in the genes and will be determined as the genes develop.

The more melanin a person has, the darker the irises will be – so those with more brown pigment will have brown or black eyes.

Those with less melanin will have lighter shades, including green, blue and gray. Albinism often stretches to the eyes, which is when the eyes will look pink – this is because the vessels in the eyes are reflected in the light.

The melanin production is low at first, which means that newborn eye color is blue. This will increase throughout the first year and you will notice that your baby’s eye color changes slowly. The stability of the color will only be seen at around six months – this is when you will stand a chance of determining your baby’s true eye color.

Change in Eye Color over Time

The production of melanin can change over time, which will mean that eye color is affected. There are some who will see a change in melanin due to emotions, which causes the strange change of eye color at certain times. There are others who will see the melanin higher in one eye compared to another, which will lead to them having two eyes of different colors. There are others who will just see their eyes change color as they get older.

Medication can also have an effect on the change in melanin in the body. Like the emotional changes and age changes, this will also have an effect on the eyes.

Blue Eyed Parents Can Have Brown Eyed Children

Contrary to popular beliefs, as the newborn eye color becomes prominent, it may be the case that a child’s eye color is not the same of the parents. It is a general thought that two parents with blue eyes will only have a blue eyed child. This does not always happen. There are rare times that a brown eyed child will be in the family. This is just the genetic code and how it has changed over time.

There are a number of factors that may affect the production of melanin during the life of a child, and even during the development process.

Newborn eye color is not the determined color of your baby’s eyes. You will notice a change throughout the first year but by six months, you will be able to determine the color that the eye color will be.


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