Best Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips

The baby skin is very delicate and this is why a lot of new parents are looking for newborn baby skin care tips.

Fragrances, chemicals, dyes, baby products and detergents can cause irritations to the skin of the baby.

This is why you have to do your best to avoid situations of this kind.

Natural tips

Newborn-Baby-Skin-Care-TipsUsually the skin of babies is wrinkly and it is covered by vernix, that later will peel off. This is something natural, so there is no need to rush it, rub it or treat it with creams or lotions. Keep in mind that in this case, less is more.

The early months

When it comes to the tips for the skin care of the newborn babies, it is best if you avoid using baby products during the early stages because the immune system of the baby isn’t fully developed yet. In case you have some family history of allergies, skin problems or asthma, this aspect becomes even more important. Make sure that there are no allergens around the baby.

Baby clothing

If you are looking for newborn baby skin care tips you should know that it is best to wash the clothing of the baby before he or she wears it. When you are doing the laundry you should use only baby detergents that are dye and fragrance free. This way there will be no allergens in the clothing of the baby.

The tips for the skin care of the new baby also include that the baby bedding, clothes and blankets should be washed separately from the clothing of the family. Also make sure that the tiny clothes are thoroughly rinsed so that there will be no detergent left in them.

Bathing the baby

The newborn baby skin care tips tell you that it is best to avoid bathing the little one too often. This is because during bathing you remove the natural oils from the skin of the baby. This way the skin becomes vulnerable and it reacts to the possible allergens, leading to eczema, for instance.

General considerations

In case you are interested in newborn baby skin care tips remember that except for the diaper changes and drooling, babies don’t really get dirty. During the first month it is enough for the baby to have a sponge bath 3-4 times per week.


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