Newborn Baby Reflexes You Should Know About

Along blinking, sneezing and yawning, the newborn baby experiences other primal reflexes which last for several months after the birth.

grasp reflexThe Moro reflex or the startle reflex is triggered in the moment when the newborn gets frightened because of a strong noise or when its head drops back.

As a reaction the baby will stretch its hands and neck and immediately after, will unite its little hands like he would want to hold something.

The reaction is that the baby starts to cry exactly like the grownups scream when seeing something frightening.

The baby manifests this reflex from 9-12 months during pregnancy to 2-3 months after birth.

The suckling and seeking reflex is a reflex that helps the child to feed. This is how it seeks the mother’s breast.

If you touch its face the baby will turn to that direction the touch came from. This reflex is very active during the first 3-4 months of life and it is stronger when the baby is hungry.

The grasp reflex is present every time something touches the baby’s palm. Every time you touch its little hand, the baby will grab your finger. The grasp is quite strong and the baby might not want to let go so easily. The reflex lasts during the first 6 months of life.

The step reflex is manifesting when you hold the baby from under its arms and encourage it to stand on a hard surface. The little feet will automatically make small moves similar to the steps although from this to the actual walking there is a long way to go.

The Babinski reflex is related to the baby’s sole. You will see that when you touch it, the index finger will bend to the exterior while the other fingers spread like an open fan. This is the natural reflex to tickling and it is very funny to watch.

The swimming reflex is triggered automatically at the contact with the water. The baby will naturally move its arms and legs to stay at the surface and if its head goes under water, the baby will hold its breath. However it is not recommendable to trigger this reflex at home.


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