Newborn Baby Games To Stimulate The Development Of Your New Infant!

newborn baby gamesIs it possible to play games with your newborn baby? Their task is simply eating, sleeping, crying and pooping. As we all know, newborn babies sleep around 20 hours per day.

But, once if you take the opportunity after your baby is awake, you will be very much amazed with the relations that are really possible.


Something that is very much attractive about infants is that they can imitate. Choose a moment when your infant is attentive and comfortable.

Lift your baby up and keep nearer to you. Then do any activity in front of your baby. Definitely he or she is going to imitate that activity, if you give enough time to your baby.

Vision games:

Usually, a newborn baby can look about 8-10 inches from his/her face. Help your infant to use his/her eyes through stirring an object in front of her eyes. You can also use a black and white object, because newborn babies cannot distinguish the color. Do the activity slowly; moving the object too fast makes your baby to get confused.

In order to perform both hearing and vision, it is better to choose a song or rhyme that you use often when you play with these vision games with your infant.

Most of the time, newborn babies love physical contact with you. Other funny games to play with your newborn baby include:

Face to face expressions: Whenever your infant is looking at your face, slowly move your head from side-to-side. Watch at your infant and stick out the tongue. Then, slowly close the eyes, and again open and smile. Repeat it. Your baby will learn through repetitions. Let your baby know how much you love her. Repeat her name. At the beginning, she cannot understand, but soon she will learn.

Introducing rattle: Sit close to your baby; shake the baby rattle in front of your baby. Look surprisingly at your baby and laugh and shake the rattle again. Gently tap on your baby’s tummy [Wonderful infant toys].

Introduce a mobile: Get a mobile which plays beautiful tunes so that it can magnetize your baby’s attention. Also, you can keep your baby in a baby gym. There she can look at various bold colors so that it can offer a different environment instead of in the crib or in your arms.

Sing songs: For every moment with your baby, you can sing beautiful songs. When you are feeding, changing the diaper, while bathing, etc, you can sing based on the moment. Usually babies love to listen to the music. Play any of your favorite tunes and sing along with them. Introduce your infant to nursery rhymes and lullabies. Gently rock your infant while you are singing and looking into her eyes.

Doing like this will greatly impact your child’s development and he/she will definitely learn the skills quickly.


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