Newborn Baby Expenses – What You Should Be Prepared For

baby kitExpectant parents have probably heard what a drain on financial resources a new baby can be.

There will be the usual (such as clothes, setting up the nursery etc) as well as some unforeseen expenses; it is best to beware of them and prepare yourself:

Diapers: This one’s easy; little babies do soil lot of diapers. So be prepared to spend up to a hundred dollars a month just on disposable diapers. You may think of supplementing with reusable diapers to save some money and the environment though.

Formula: Infant formula can set you back about a hundred dollars a month as well though it may not be as much to begin with. To cut out this cost entirely, breast feed.

Wipes, barrier cream: Wipes are not just for diaper changes but may also be useful to mop up other spills. Barrier cream is an excellent precaution to take to prevent diaper rashes.

Pediatrician visits: Routine visits to the pediatrician to see how your baby is doing, if weight gain is adequate and for routine immunizations are something else you should factor in. Also factor in vitamins or any other supplements required to be given.

Toiletries and detergent: The more gentle formulas of soap and shampoo and lotion will be required for baby’s sensitive skin. Also regular detergent may be harsh for that sensitive skin.

Bed linen: You may need more of this than you thought with baby managing to soil with remarkable regularity. Swaddling blankets may be another expense you did not think of.


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