New Parenting and Staying Sane About It

In case you are a new mom-to-be, here are few tips that can help you stay sane. At first you should remember that the motherhood will ask you to reconsider the whole previous mode of life.

As a result, you will simply need to adjust yourself to many new things.

Staying sane is the real problem of the motherhood, for it requires drastic changes in your lifestyle.


The first place is no longer for you; it is for your baby.

That’s why many new mothers are facing depression that can be dangerous for you and for your baby.

Try not to feel cut off from the world, listen to radio and try to be sufficiently informed of the most significant events that happen in politics, culture, music, etc. Try to determine your new priorities and keep your home order in its previous state.

Believe it or not, but keeping your home clean is also something that will encourage you to stay sane. It is extremely important to find time just to be alone with yourself, go on shopping, see a friend or go to the beauty salon, just to regain the balance and the communication with the outside world.

Don’t worry if you have to ask someone close to stay with your child, whenever you need rest. Don’t pay attention to what people think and take rest as much as it is possible. If you can’t sleep, just relax, close your eyes and listen to a soothing music.

Drink a glass of mint tea or chamomile. These herbs have calming effects, so try them. Limit the usage of caffeine, which increases nervousness. While the child sleeps, read an interesting book.

Reading is one of the best methods for avoiding stress. Rent a DVD with some comedy, for it is a well known fact that laughter successfully removes the tension.


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