New Born Needs You Need To Provide For Your Little Ones!

New Born NeedsYou can buy the new born needs once the baby is born. You will enjoy doing so, but do not buy the things that are not needed.

It is good idea to ask your friends who have children already for the baby needs.

Some of the new born needs during the first few months are suggested as:

Bath time in small babies is not needed every day as they will not get dirty. Some babies do not like to take bath.

Sponge your baby with a damp soft towel and pat him to dry and then change him with fresh clothes.

Make sure that the water is warm in the baby bath and sink the baby in it for bathing. Other newborn needs are:

  • Sponge to bath the baby.
  • Cotton wool to clean the baby’s face.
  • Baby shampoo and soap.
  • A baby bath is more useful as it makes the baby feel secure and will provide support to them as well.

Using reusable cloth nappies requires a large cloth nappy so that you need not run out of them in between washes. You need two or three changing mats while changing the nappies such that the sheets are not strained.

Always use soft cotton cloth or soft wash cloth to clean the baby. Cut the cotton cloth into four medium sized squares, as you may need them.

Keep separate buckets to soak, collect and wash the soiled nappies.

Bed time for your baby depends on where your baby is going to sleep [Baby Sleep]. Some parents make their babies sleep independently, but some babies does not prefer to sleep separately as they feel lonely and insecure.

You require some things when your baby sleeps with you.

  • Cotton sheets to cover mattress and the baby. It is better to have spares as well.
  • A small mattress for your baby that you can keep on your mattress.
  • Pillows are to be placed by the sides of the baby such that the baby does not roll off the bed at nights.
  • Cotton blankets for the baby.

You may need the following when your baby sleeps in cots:

  • Baby monitor
  • A mattress that is firm and fits the cot well.
  • Room thermometers to monitor the temperature of the room in which the baby sleeps.
  • Night-light makes your baby feel more secure.
  • Cotton sheets to cover the mattress and the baby. Keep some of them in spare to use them when those being used are washed.
  • Cotton blankets, the number depends on the time of year it is.

Make sure to have separate bed clothing for your baby wherever he sleeps.

Hence, you can know the new born needs that you need to provide for your baby.


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