Natural Births Better For The Baby

More research is being done in recent times about why natural childbirth is better for the mother and the baby. Among the many reasons why a vaginal birth is better than a C section are:

  • Babies born by C section miss out of beneficial bacteria of the mother during birth and may be more prone to allergies, infections and asthma.
  • This protective bacterium is received by the baby as the baby squeezes through the birth canal. These bacteria could colonize the baby’s intestine and help to protect against hospital infections and also may help to develop better immunity.
  • This bacterial exposure during childbirth could have long term consequences, including immunity to allergies right up to adulthood.
  • Emergency C sections, performed after the onset of labor and after the mother’s waters have broken mean that the baby gets at least some of the helpful bacteria, but an elective C section deprives the baby entirely according to doctors.
  • Direct skin to skin contact between mother and baby directly after birth is also seen to have a beneficial impact on babies who are breastfed.
  • Babies born vaginally also are more alert and wide-eyed due to the benefit of hormonal surges that characterize labor.


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