Mom’s Going Back to Work Does Not Have Adverse Effect on the Newborn

New moms who have to resume working soon after the arrival of their baby are often guilt ridden at having to do so, wondering about the consequences of this for their baby and its well-being.

mom going to workHowever recent research shows that they need not agonize over returning to work after baby’s birth – academics have found that there is no adverse impact on child’s cognitive and social development when a woman returns to work within the first year of having given birth.

This new study by New York’s Columbia University School of Social Work, was published last week by the Society for Research in Child Development.

The study refutes results of other studies conducted on the subject which said that children with working mothers who return to work within a year of giving birth, do worse than those whose mothers do not.

While there are downsides to a mother resuming work earlier, there are also advantages – for instance, there is an increase in the mother’s wellbeing and income and a higher likelihood that the children receive quality care.

These factors counterweigh the disadvantages, which are negated by the advantages and the result is about neutral.

Researchers added that the more desirable outcomes were obtained from a mother working part time (about 30 hours a week) rather than doing a full time job.


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