Men And The Baby Blues

If a new dad is suffering the baby blues, we probably disbelieve or disparage of such a situation. And yet post natal depression is common among men as well as women. For every mother who undergoes the baby blues, there is one dad who does the same.

Some estimates suggest that as many as 15% of new fathers could be subject to post natal depression and some say the figure is much higher, because male post natal depression may very likely not be reported at all.

father with newborn

For one men of typical fathering age are likely to be unwilling to admit having difficulties, much less seeking help for it. There is also the feeling that they would be stigmatized for being a bad parent.

There are many reasons men may suffer post natal depression:

  • They may not be fully prepared for their world being turned upside down
  • They may find juggling work and extra work at home stressful
  • There may be the financial burden placed by a new member of the family
  • Curtailment of freedoms
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of sex
  • Coming to terms with change in identity
  • Pressure of living up to societal expectations

Source: Herald Sun


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