Reasons Behind Losing the Pregnancy Weight

As long as you have eaten healthy and remained active during pregnancy, you would not have gained in inordinate amount of weight and may find it quite easy to get back to your pre-pregnant stage shortly after birth.

Even if you have put on a lot of weight during your pregnancy, nature has a number of ways figured out to help you lose it naturally.

Pregnancy WeightConsider the many reasons why you will end up losing quite a bit of the pregnancy weight automatically:

1. Quite simply you are going to be a lot busier now that junior has arrived.

When pregnant not that much was required to be done and now it is feeding, changing, rocking, bathing and all sorts of other things that needs to be done for the baby.

2. You may find that you don’t have time for proper meals, and that you snack as and when possible, eating on the run.

This kind of intake helps to keep up the metabolism and helps to lose excess weight. This also helps the stomach muscles contract and tighten.

3. If a woman had problems such as the polycystic ovarian syndrome before getting pregnant, those will get sorted out after delivery.

The hormone levels regaining normalcy means that women can deal better with excess weight and may find it easier to shed it.

4. Breast feeding lets the new mom expend the calories (several hundred calories to the baby in the form of breast milk).

Also, stimulation of the breasts tends to contract the uterus, helping it go back to its pre-pregnant state.

5. Baby related activities like taking the baby out in the stroller, walking the nursery as you rock baby back to sleep, and making trips to the kitchen to prepare bottles of formula will help you lose weight, without you even realizing it.


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