IVF Kids May Be Taller, Says Study

In a first of its kind study, the impact of IVF was examined by Dr. Mark Green and colleagues from the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute. IVF kids were seen to be both taller and lighter when compared to naturally conceived children in this study, which sought to examine the impact on the 4 million children that have been born globally through IVF.

ivf kidsThis was an observation made with respect to fresh embryos that were transferred back to the mother immediately rather than frozen and consequently thawed embryos.

In the study, it was seen that such babies born from assisted conception were likely to be 2.6 cm taller than other newborns and also 190 gms lighter on average.

This difference in height was seen to be more marked in girl children than boy children.

It is important to find out the long term health implications of IVF treatments on babies, to find out whether they have a beneficial impact or negative impact.

Health care professionals know that the seeds of later diseases such as diabetes and cardiac disease can be sown very early in life; even before birth and which may come to light only 50 or 60 years later.


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