Information You Need To Know About Cross Eyes In Newborns

eye careYour baby’s eyes start to form within a couple of weeks after you become pregnant.

It does not take very long for their entire eyes to be developed and they will continue to mature all during your pregnancy.

In the early stages of eye development your baby’s eyes are more susceptible to being injured. This can happen for different reasons such as the formation of German measles in a mother.

Usually there is only a slight chance that any life changing kind of eye problem will affect your baby.

It is still a good idea to get them an eye checkup especially if you suspect that they have crossed eyes which is the medical condition of Strabismus.


If your baby has Strabismus, this means that he or she is having a problem with the alignment of their eyes. Crossed eyes refer to one of your newborns eyes turning in. When your newborn reaches about four months old their eyes should be aligned straight.

There is more than one type of Strabismus and it is not something that your newborn will outgrow with time. If left untreated it can turn into amblyopic.

This type of eye problem can lead to loss of sight. It is important that you have your baby checked by a physician for treatment.

Symptoms of Crossed Eyes

If your baby is using his left eye to look right and vice versa he or she probably has crossed eyes.

One eye will turn toward the inside by a large degree. This could affect your newborn with their motor development. They do not crawl like other babies.

Sometimes parents can be fooled into thinking their baby has crossed eyes when they actually have normal eyes.

You might be fooled because sometimes a baby’s nose bridge still needs to develop and it is making your baby’s eyes look crossed. That is why it is always best to turn to a health professional to make sure.

Pediatric Tests for Crossed Eyes

Your pediatrician will sometimes use the cover test to determine if your baby has crossed eyes or not. They will cover one of your newborn’s eyes to see what kind of movement happens in the other eye.

A pediatrician will check with a light to make sure that both eyes have identical position of light reflex.

Treatment for Crossed Eyes

Treatment for crossed eyes in newborns is usually determined by a pediatrician. It will depend upon how bad your baby has strabismus.

Your physician will also take into consideration what made your newborn have crossed eyes. They will look at the age of your baby and if they have any special needs.

Treatments could include eye drops, surgery, and an eye patch and when they are older your baby’s pediatrician may prescribe eyeglasses and eye exercises.

You will want to get your newborn the best professional help possible. It is best to take your baby to a physician who specializes in this type of eye disorder such as a pediatric ophthalmologist.


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