How Will Your Newborn Baby Look?

One of the things that parents to be are likely to be busy with, is guessing how their baby is going to look when he or she is born. It is remarkable how little or how much a baby can resemble their parents or even others in the family – grandparent, aunt, uncle, and cousin and so on.

New Born Baby Look LikeThe fact is that there is really no way to predict how a baby will turn out, looks wise – great looking parents may have an average looking child and vice versa as well.

The thing with the way that looks are inherited is that there is the interplay of a vast number of genes from the mother as well as the father that determine how baby will look.

Something that is slightly predictable about babies is that they are likely to inherit certain dominant features from either or both parents – dimples for example, or a cleft chin and so on can be inherited if they run in the family.

So you spend time imagining what your baby is going to turn out looking like and then be completely surprised at what the stork finally brings.

Meanwhile you can have some fun with some online sites that will try and guess what a baby born to a combination of parents will look like.

Make me tries to guess what your baby will look like and states on the home page that they have already make over 23 million babies; and for free! The website works by using an “advanced face detection technology to predict what your baby will look like.”

The site requires users to upload their own photos as well as the photo of their partner’s to “make a baby in seconds!” not just this, one can also ‘make babies’ with featured celebrities – for instance Zac Efron is most popular among the male celebs with a count of over nine hundred thousand and Jennifer Lopez is most popular among female celebs with over seven hundred thousand counts.

Morph is another website that promises to help you predict what your baby will look like. Here as well, you can upload your own photos to look at the result and also take a look at the results of what possible celeb unions would look like. There are some funny blends/morphs already on the site to look at as well.

While none of the above sites will actually be able to predict what your baby is going to look like, you can have some fun while you wait to see what baby is going to turn out like.


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