How to Swaddle a Newborn

If you do not know how to swaddle a newborn, remember that this is an activity which will make your baby comfortable. They will love the experience. It is an ancient art of wrapping your baby snugly in a blanket or piece of cloth to make them feel safe and cared for. Swaddling prevents the child from getting distracted by their startle reflexes and helps them settle down when they are hyper stimulated.

In a lot of regions, babies are wrapped around snug clothing to calm them down. Swaddling also makes the child sleep comfortably on their back. Another benefit of swaddling is that it reduces the effects of colic in kids.

How to Swaddle a NewbornTo understand how to swaddle a newborn, you need to know that you should check if your little one is wet or hungry before the swaddling is done.

Make sure not to cover their face or head with the cloth which is being used. You may swaddle your infant tightly or loosely as you please.

A swaddled baby will not need additional blankets to keep them warm. Do not swaddle the baby after they are a month old as it impedes their development and mobility.

Once the baby starts kicking the covers, it is a sure sign that swaddling makes them hot.

Some Techniques on Swaddling a Newborn

Usually newborns love the activity of swaddling. Tight swaddling in a blanket provides them comfort as it apes the tightness of the womb. New parents may have a tough time creating an ideal swaddle. It is easy to use a baseball diamond for reference.

Here are a few steps which can help you become an ace in swaddling your infant:

  • Make sure the blanket is laid out in the shape of a diamond. To know how to swaddle a newborn, visualize a baseball diamond with the home plate placed at the low bottom of the blanket.
  • Grab an end of the blanket for swaddling at the second base and pull it down to the mound of the pitcher.
  • Put your baby down gently to make the fold from the upper part of the blanket fall towards the back of the infant’s neck. The arms should be placed straight down to the sides.
  • Hold the edge of the blanket in the initial base and pull towards the third one.
  • Hold the blanket down at the third base with the left hand and pull it from the first base under the baby. The corner of the third base should be pulled snugly with the first base being tucked under the baby.
  • Another important thing to know about how to swaddle a newborn is to hold the home plate corner. Bring that to the length of the pitcher’s mound. In case the blanket is really a long one, it covers the face of your little one fold down.
  • By holding the third base corner, you should pull the pitcher’s mound. Wrap the swaddle around the baby until they are snug.

When you have learned how to swaddle a newborn you will have no problems handling your infant, even if you are a new parent. Swaddling can hence recreate the feeling within the womb and make baby feel safe.


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