How To Save Money With Twins?

twinsWith twins it is double of everything, the love, joy, fulfillment and fun; but then it is also double of all the work and yes, the expense as well!

In order that you don’t over spend when you have twins, you may find the following tips useful:

  • Firstly don’t go all out and buy two of everything, there are many things that twins can share so make a list and see what all does not need to be duplicated. Some clothes and toys[baby toys] can be used by both babies saving you quite a bit. You don’t need two changing tables either; however things like car seats cannot be shared so you will have to get two of such things, but think it out before rushing and buying two of everything.
  • Don’t think that every single thing has to be brand new, don’t be shy of accepting hand me downs from friends and relatives, of doing a swap of items with others. Remember your children won’t mind a bit that something is not brand new, and they outgrow everything so fast that the expense is often not justified.
  • Joining a club or organisation for parents who have multiples is an excellent idea. Not only do you get the benefit of shared wisdom you may also be in a position to make beneficial trades or purchases on baby items. Also the support and tips that one receives from other parents of multiples can be very helpful and reassuring. You can actually even end up with quite a lot of free stuff here for your babies.
  • Many stores offer 10% off when you buy two of an item. Babies R Us and Toys R Us do have such policies, so don’t forget to ask about this if you are making twin purchases.
  • Some companies even have freebie offers for parents with multiples. Some of them require some proof of there being twins such as a copy of the birth certificates, while others don’t. Do some research and you may just end up with free infant formula or free diapers, which can be such a big daily recurring expense.
  • Don’t throw away coupons; they can end up making considerable savings for you when it’s twins you are dealing with.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy too many accessories or baby products. Remember a frozen carrot will be as effective for teething as an expensive teether and will cost nothing.
  • Breastfeed. It is free and you cannot beat it for convenience!


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