How to Relieve Newborn Constipation

Newborn constipation is a major issue most parents are besotted with in the initial year of parenthood. The lack of messing up on the diaper for a couple of days does not indicate that your baby is constipated. Breastfed babies tend to show less frequent bowel movements as they grow. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to relieve baby constipation:

Newborn Constipation

  • A constipated child can find relief by moving their legs. Let the baby lie flat on their back. Take a leg in each of your hands and make cycling motions to relieve the pressure of newborn constipation and encourage bowel movement.
  • Massaging the baby’s belly gently can aid in easing constipation. Move your hands in small circulatory motion around the area of your baby’s belly button to alleviate conditions of gas.
  • Formula fed babies tend to suffer more from baby constipation, to prevent which you may try changing the formulas. There are several reliable brands available for infants with digestive and stomach issues.
  • If you have put your child on solid foods recently, make sure about noting the foods that make them constipated and stop giving them immediately. Bananas and apples are often suggested as first foods, although they may be associated with newborn constipation. Their digestive system can also be slowed down with rice cereal. Often, constipated babies are helped by switching to oatmeal or barley cereal.
  • Prunes are also recommended, along with plums, peaches, pears and apricots. Giving prune juice and apple juice in limited quantities can help if a baby is constipating for several days.
  • Help baby out with a rectal thermometer. With the stimulation, the constipated child can find relief within a few hours. If you are not okay using the thermometer for baby constipation, visit the pediatrician for rectal stimulation.
  • Baby laxatives, enemas and suppositories are available for dealing with severe forms of newborn constipation. However, before administering any of it, check with the doctor for approval.

Babies often react to different kinds of formula foods, especially if you switch them suddenly. Hence, after administering the formula if you notice baby constipation the reason is probably the formula food. You may even change the quantity of the formula accordingly. Increase the amount of water which the baby takes in to prevent cases of inadequate water intake. Your pediatrician may also advise you to give your baby sufficient amounts of iron in their diet.

Iron is an important part of your baby’s diet. Baby constipation can be prevented by offering your tot enough of iron, although you need to be sure of the quantity before anything else. Try bathing baby in a tub where the water level is a little over the tummy. Massage the belly while bathing. At times, baby might ‘go’ then and there. Some parents also try using bran for healing newborn constipation. However, before that you should always seek the advice of your specialist in order to prevent any adverse effects.


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