How To Photograph Your Little One?

As your bundle of joy arrives, one of the first things you will reach for is the camera, to best capture those precious first moments and every moment thereafter which is of import. There are so many amazing things that baby will do, so many firsts that you want to be able to capture it all for posterity to coo over in days to come, to be amazed and delighted at.

photographing babyModern software such as Photoshop etc, do of course make it possible to edit pictures and improve color and quality and brightness after the picture is taken; however it is best to take care as you actually take the picture so that you get the best possible result to begin with.

  • The picture should be well exposed when you take it
  • The setting should be well lit
  • You should try and get good directional light by posing the baby nearly 90 degrees to the light source
  • You can later brighten and polish the image to the level of a portrait picture. This is easier when the picture is good to begin with.

If technical specifications about baby photography and subsequent editing of the picture are something you are interesting in, then this is a good article to check out.  Also for those interested in getting tips about baby photography and the more technical aspects of it, you can check out this site as well as this Facebook Group.


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