How To Develop The Habit Of Potty Training In Your Baby?

potty trainingThere is no definite time to learn new things. A newborn baby when comes out of the mother’s womb, he/she tries to understand and know the outside world. The process of learning continues until his/her last breath.

During the infancy only, tell your baby how to do potty in the right place.

Though your infant is too small to make it as a habit, infant potty training differs from toddler potty training.

Learning potty training earlier only depends on the understanding of you and your child. You need to understand your baby’s usual timing of pee and also understand his/her body language.

There are various general symptoms that make you to know when it is the time for their pee. You can also find various funny potty training seats and toys. When you squeeze some type of toys, they do pee. These types of toys greatly help as potty training tools for your baby.

Symptoms that you observe in your child before potty:

First you need to understand the signs of your baby and then you can assertively discover the right moment to take the baby to the bathroom or any other chosen place.

  • At the time of potty, your baby will be very calm and quite.
  • The baby can leak the toxic gas.
  • The body becomes stiff and tense.
  • Your baby can move towards the toilet or looks at the potty or any other similar place.
  • Suddenly the baby has a look of attention and tries to look at some distance in fuzzy.
  • The baby makes strange leg movements.
  • You can observe some changes in your baby’s behavior. The baby suddenly becomes serious.
  • Suddenly the baby stops playing or stops doing the things that he likes most and give an unnatural look.

Tips for infant potty training:

  • Best period for early infant potty training is when the child is 4-5 months of age.
  • Do not force your baby or don’t worry if you have missed some special timing.
  • Even after the beginning of potty training, if your baby again continues to make the diaper dirty, then don’t worry about it. It is natural for a baby and he/she takes 2 years of time to adjust to potty training.
  • While taking your baby to the toilet, gently hold your baby and make some noise like “pee” or “sssss”. After few days, your baby adjusts to the sound that you make and also to your touch. You can select any comfortable place for potty.

Potty training is a good habit to develop in your infant. Your baby can learn as early as possible if you start potty training during 4-5 months of age.


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