Tips for the Holidays with Your Newborn

As the holidays come around, there will likely be partying, travel and other socializing on the anvil. But what about your newly arrived little bundle of joy? What do you need to do to ensure that baby is well looked after and that you don’t have to eschew the season’s jollity either?

Exhaustion and lack of sleep is something that most new moms are besieged with anyway, and this can get particularly stressful around the holidays with so much to do and so much more to pack into the day. Here are some tips to help minimize holiday stress with your new born baby:


Forget Perfection

So in the past your Christmas trees were the toast of the town and your mince pies had everyone drooling in anticipation. But this year your priorities are different and you may have to scale back. This is OK, not only do people understand they expect this and you don’t have to match up to past performances. Even your usual flawless dressing for the holidays may be a little muted this year not just because you’re probably still carrying extra baby weight but also because you probably haven’t had the time for haute couture.

Tips for Travel

If you’re traveling with your new born baby make sure that you take an early morning flight and one that is direct rather than a connecting one. This helps to avoid problems with flight delays, waiting at the airport for connections (and hence a longer travel period) and minimize chances of baby getting fatigued and you running out of supplies for baby.

Take extra care of hygiene

Winter holidays mean a lot of feasting and festivity indoors. This means spread of germs and the possibility of baby catching a cold or similar infection. try and keep baby away from anyone who looks sick, be vigilant about using hand sanitizers and keep baby well wrapped up against the elements.

Prioritize your rest and health as well

It can be easy to get carried away during the holidays so make sure that you limit the partying to include sufficient rest for yourself. Look after your own health and try not to overdo it; your falling ill won’t help baby or anyone else. Rather than issue invitations and hosting a do, accept invites from others and let them do the hard work for a change; let yourself be cosseted and looked after.

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