Happy Mother’s Day To All New Mothers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day (celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May) and many of our readers probably celebrated yesterday for the first time with a brand new significance of what this day is about.

As in the case of Danielle Smith, who found her waters breaking early in the morning on Sunday, which signaled the start of labor pain, which “was totally worth it,” as she gave birth to Baby Keylee Johnson, weighing in at 6 pounds and 19 inches.

Like Smith many women all over the world are just grappling with the enormous responsibilities that come with being a mother.

Earlier perhaps mother’s day was only about giving one’s own mother a call or sending her a mandatory gift.

Now perhaps for the first time the enormity of the role of a mother is clearly revealed. And it is not just about the responsibilities that come with mother hood, it is also the untold joys that come inbuilt with the job.

As a mother of a new born baby many of our mothers perhaps got no actual gift from their little one. But the one most precious may be the unfailing trust and faith in the eyes of that baby as she gazes up at your face; the dearest and most precious one in her little life.

Source: WMBB


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