Going Green With Your Newborn

It is best to start young with anything good and being ecologically responsible and using eco friendly products can never start too early. An Abu Dhabi hospital sets a ‘Green Example’ for newborn babies, which can well be emulated by many of us.

green babiesIt is a good idea for hospitals to concentrate on eco friendly products such as baby food and clothing, so that mothers are also encouraged to do the same.

They can help educate mothers about cutting down on waste by using reusable diapers made from cloth.

This was a drive by Abu Dhabi Corniche Hospital to celebrate earth day with their eco friendly vision. This is how you can be eco friendly with your baby as well:

  • Whenever possible use cloth diapers (you can use them during the day for instance and use a disposable at night). They don’t create garbage that will go to fill the landfills.
  • Use eco friendly clothing for your newborn baby – this is not only good for the environment; it is also good for your baby because fewer chemicals and artificial aids will have gone into the manufacturing process.
  • Use eco friendly formula and when you start out on solids, make sure you use eco friendly baby food or make it yourself to cut down on the processing and packaging.


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