Effective Newborn Skin Care For Most Common Skin Conditions!

newborn skin careKeeping your little one clean, dry, and comfortable makes you to feel like a full-time job and the various products available in the market also makes whole outlook very overwhelming.

Generally, infant skin is thinner, more fragile and less oily when compared to adult’s skin.

Newborns skin is less resistant to bacteria and other harmful materials, particularly when it is irritated.

Newborns sweat less commonly, so it is harder for them to maintain the inner body temperature. Alternatively, most of the babies are less prone to respond to the allergens.

In the first few weeks after the birth of your baby, the baby retains some of your hormones. Due to this, various minor skin diseases can happen, which generally disappear in few days.

Skin conditions that are most common during infancy include:

Infant acne:

This condition is the appearance of pink spots on your baby’s face. After the birth, newborns still retain the mother’s hormones for short period of time, so infant acne occurs. Usually, this disappears on its own in few weeks, otherwise consult your health care provider.

Heat rash:

This condition is the appearance of small pink pimples throughout the body. This is due to high temperatures, developed sweat glands and humidity. Avoid overdressing your baby and keep the baby’s room temperature normal. Put loose clothing, clean and dry the skin thoroughly.


Eczema causes red, irritated and flaking skin. This is the most common skin condition in infants. Properly clean and dry the skin thoroughly. When you want to use any skin care products for your baby, it is better to talk to your pediatrician.


This condition results due to the friction between baby’s skin and clothes or the place where skin areas rub together. Don’t wear tight clothing to your baby and remove anything that rubs against your baby’s skin such as straps or rubber pants. To avoid this condition, clean, rinse, and dry your baby’s skin thoroughly, after that, apply cornstarch baby powder, cream or lotion.

Cradle cap:

This condition is formation of crusty patches on your child’s scalp. This is due to the existence of overactive glands in your infant’s scalp. Use the baby oil and wipe gently. Wait for few minutes and then shampoo with baby shampoo, after that use comb or your baby’s brush.

In order to come out of these skin conditions, every infant needs five kinds of baby products. They include:

Natural oils are also great for your baby. Almond oil, jojoba oil and primrose oil are very helpful for hydrating, soothing irritated skin, treating cradle cap, and to give your baby a soothing massage.

Choosing the baby skin care products:

Choose the baby skin care products, which are made especially for babies and from organic ingredients. You need to be very careful about the products, which contain essential oils and some of the conventional extraction methods use toxic solvents.

Don’t buy the products made from synthetic chemicals and fragrants. These can interact with your baby’s sensitive respiratory system and causes an overwhelming condition.

You should be very careful about your infant’s skin and also use the products carefully. Whenever you want to try a new baby product, it is better to consult your baby’s pediatrician.


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