Do Babies Really Need….?

Do newborn babies really need proper baths? ? And if so when and how frequently? Also are changing stations really that much of a necessity?

We look at these and other questions relating to new born babies to see what is really necessary and what is superfluous.

Baby baths

Babies are not like adults or like older kids who get their feet dirty and get grime on their hands; who really and actually need a bath.

New mommies may actually think that babies need to bathe everyday; however, this is really not necessary.

Here are some tips for a For the first few days all that babies probably need is to be sponged all over with a sterile cloth dipped in boiled and cooled (but still warm) water.

newborn babies

Also at each diaper change, make sure that the diaper area is properly and thoroughly cleaned.

After a few days baby can have a bath a couple of times a week or thrice a week. This is quite enough for most babies.

However if it’s particularly hot where you are, more often may make sense simply because baby may be sweating quite a bit and a cool bath will help baby will feel more comfy and cool.

Changing tables

Many parents will tell you that a four-sided changing table is an absolute must for a newborn baby. Others will tell you it is superfluous, you could just as well change baby laying him down on the bed, dresser or on the floor.

So look around at your furniture to see whether you will be comfortable changing the baby elsewhere, and more importantly where baby will remain safe; then decide whether you really need a changing table.

A baby swing

Whether a newborn baby needs a swing or not is a question that only the baby can answer! Some babies like swings and others simply don’t. So before buying a swing, let the baby try out a swing somewhere else, to see how he/she likes it.

Babies will need lots of stuff

However, there is really not much point in buying everything from before. This is because each baby is different and the parenting style of each parent is different too. So try and play it by the ear to see what you really need for baby and what is going to be superfluous.

Another tip: when people ask what you would like as a gift for your newborn, don’t be shy to ask for cash – Now that is one thing that you can always use! There can be no duplications and no need to change the gift at the store!


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