Changes That A New Mother Will Find In Herself

newbornGiving birth is doubtlessly a miraculous, life altering and life affirming thing; and everywoman who undergoes the rigors and gives birth is really a hero of sorts.

Everything, including priorities change for the entire family, and this is never truer than for the mother herself; for her, life will literally never be the same again.

Except for a very small minority of women who may consider themselves lucky, a pregnancy and consequent childbirth leaves an indelible mark on every mother.

There are many physical changes that a mother will find in herself when she has delivered her baby; some of them reversible, some which are there to stay.

There is of course the weight gain. Most women put on about 15 pounds during pregnancy. A lot of this weight will be shed during the delivery, however much of it will remain.

It is common for a woman to feel floppy and fat soon after birth. This is largely due to a stretched uterus that still makes a woman look a bit pregnant.

Breast feeding will shrink the uterus back to its size in about six weeks. With a good diet and proper exercise and breast feeding, many women are able to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes by the time their baby is about 6 months old.

However, there is still the matter of saggy skin, particularly of the abdomen. To an extent one can get rid of a lot of the saggy skin that they may find unsightly with some exercises that will help in toning and firming the skin.

For most women, they may never be able to regain the shape and suppleness and the firmness of their skin after pregnancy. Stretch marks will fade with time, but they will not disappear completely, however hard you try.

So while you may find it difficult to live with some of these changes that your body will inevitably undergo, remember a few things that may perhaps make all of it seem worthwhile: you have done something truly brave and miraculous in birthing your baby, the scars and disfigurations, as they appear to you are really the badges of honor. Wear them with pride. They have made you more beautiful; more of a woman than you ever were before; honor them.

If you are looking to get back to particular body weight for reasons of health and well being, certainly you must persevere, just remember it may take a while and no matter what, you are still the most beautiful thing in the world for your baby!


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