C-Section May Cause Allergies, Diabetes And Leukemia

newbornAccording to new scientific reports, babies that are born via C-sections versus traditional births may have a higher tendency to develop allergies, diabetes, and leukemia in life due to the higher levels of stress that are exerted on the baby’s body during a C-section birth.

The major difference found between C-section babies and their counterparts is they have a large difference in the amount of white blood cells which play an important role in the body’s immune system.

Pediatric specialist from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Prof. Mikael Norman, said that while it is not known why C-section babies have a higher risk of the above mentioned diseases; their theory is that the difference in birth conditions may leave a genetic imprint on the formation of white blood cells.

Norman added that C-section babies are not properly prepared for birth which adds to the stress are birth and may cause the baby to have a harder time adapting to life outside of the womb whereas a natural birth allows the baby to prepare to leave the womb.

The study was performed at the Stockholm institute and compared the blood samples of 37 newborns to see if there were notable differences in the white blood cell counts.


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