Buying Toys for New Born Babies

Buying toys for our babies could take us overboard and make us spend unnecessary bucks to the point of wastage if we are not careful. Consider the points below before embarking on a shopping spree to buy toys for your new born babies. These points will help you choose proper toys for your new born baby that helps in her physical and mental development and also save you from wasting money on things she might not use.

toys for new born babiesDo not Overspend

Always remember that your new born baby will be sleeping more hours than she is awake, at least for the first few months. Hence any toys that you may buy could just go waste as she will hardly ever have any time to play with them. Therefore, exercise discretion and control when you are in that wonderfully inviting toy store and buy only the bare minimum and absolutely necessary that you think may be useful for your baby.

Buy Age Appropriate Toys


New born babies are attracted by soft sounds and moving objects. In this regard it is advisable to buy rattles that make a soft sound for your baby. The sound should not be jarring and the rattle itself should be of a size that can be held in your baby’s tiny hands. She will love to hear the sounds it makes as she moves her arms.

Soft Toys

Soft toys that serve as a cushion and are of an attractive shape can also make the baby warm and secure as she snuggles up to her favourite toy.

CDs and DVDs

Sound of a lullaby played on a DVD player will also be a soothing past time for your baby as she lies in her crib.


A mobile also adds a new dimension to your baby’s line of vision. Hang one near her crib away from her reach and see her getting mesmerized by the movement of the mobile. Be sure not to keep it within the baby’s reach as a mobile could be potentially hazardous due to its small parts that may choke the baby. You could also opt for a mobile that makes a soft musical sound as it moves round.

Wind Chimes

As an alternative, try a wind chime that can be tied up near the baby’s crib at a distance so that she can listen to the soft sounds of the chime as she prepares to fall asleep.

Buy Toys that are Safe

Be careful of what you are buying when you shop for toys for your new born baby. Buy branded toys made out of non-toxic material. Also make sure that the toys do not have any rough or sharp edges that might injure your baby’s soft skin. Toys with small parts can be hazardous for your child as it could cause choking.


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