Bring New Baby Home To A Safe Dog

family with petHere are some useful and practical tips for when a new baby is brought home to the older babies; viz the pets in the family.

The matter is serious when you consider that as many as 800,000 dog bites are grave enough for a child to receive medical attention.

The couple, who has two dogs, were careful to get their dogs used to the idea of a little baby by:

  • When putting together the nursery, the dogs were allowed to come in and explore and sniff at everything including the baby toys so that it was all familiar.
  • The dogs were got used to the sounds of a baby – the crying, the laughing, and the cooing; all the sounds were got off the internet and the dogs got used to hearing them so they got used to what a baby sounds like.
  • It is recommended that the dogs obedience and responsiveness to commands be improved before the baby comes home.
  • The couple also thought to bring home some baby clothing from the hospital so that the dogs were familiar with the smell of the baby as well.

Source: nwherald


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