Bonding with Your Newborn Enhances Future Communication Skills

In case you are a mommy to be, here is more information about the bond between you and your baby in his first days after the birth. Immediately after the birth, begins an important period for the mother and the newborn.

Nature has pledged to create it as an unbreakable connection that would allow attachment between the mother and her little one.

Bonding with Your Newborn Spending more time together immediately after birth is very important, for it allows the natural baby instincts that promote attachment to work and synchronize with the intuitive need of the mother to care for it.

The early weeks and months are a very sensitive period in which the mother and the baby should be together. Building a relationship with your child isn’t that easy at it seems.

The experts are recommending spending every possible moment with your baby.

This is the only way to understand its needs and to know the nature and the temper of your little one.

The foundations of the relationship between mom and her little one are the basis of the relationship the baby will have with the outside world.

The baby gains confidence based on whether its needs are met or not. The baby cry should not be ignored by the mother. Try to understand why your baby cries and accept its cry as a signal that he is alive and he needs something.

The world of the baby during these first days and months evolves around the mother. The baby needs are simple: food, warmth, emotional and physical intimacy.

The early intimacy with the mother helps the baby`s natural mechanisms for survival to develop. The baby develops also a certain type of behavior that stimulates the mother’s attachment to it.

Crying, for example, is a powerful tool for connecting with its mom. Calming your baby will actually mean that you understand its language and the baby knows you are the only one to respond at its needs. That is how the baby learns to communicate in his first months after the birth.


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