Beware: Parenthood Can Strain A Marriage

They say a baby can cement a marriage; giving parents something precious in common to care for and love. That may well be, but it is important for expectant and new parents not to get complacent; a new baby is also a lot of work and can also strain a marriage.

Parenting is a 24×7 job with no holidays. The feedings, diaper changes, getting to sleep routines are never ending and exhausting. Sleep deprived, frazzled and tired to the point of being disoriented can be a reality for many couples, which can tax their relationship.

newborn babyAccording to Beverly Talan, a clinical psychologist and marriage therapist with Birmingham’s Creative Change Center, a new born baby can strain the best of relationships.

Talan, who runs couples and parenting workshops speaks about couples to claim problems started when they had their first baby.

Going from husband to dad and from wife to mother can be a transition that changes life in more ways than imaginable.

While this does not mean that every relationship is going to go down the tube the minute junior arrives, it is important to be realistic and aware of the very real upheavals that a baby will cause. Inform yourself, talk to one another about it and discuss it, and prepare yourself for eventualities so there are fewer nasty surprises.

Source: Detroit Free Press


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