Baby Survives Delivery At 23 Weeks

In an astonishing and unprecedented occurrence, the heartwarming story of Amelia Hope Burden and her brother Arthur can now offer hope to millions across the world.

She was born at just 23 weeks gestation and has become one of the most premature babies ever to have survived being born.

amelia hope burdenAmanda Staplehurst the mother to be, pregnant with twins went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps and was informed that she was in labor.

At 23 weeks and two days pregnant, she delivered her baby girl, and ten days later arrived a little baby brother for her.

The baby when born, showed few signs of life, but the doctors revived her even though, before 24 weeks gestation they are not under any obligation to do so.

Her 10% chance of survival given by the doctors was evidently good enough and she pulled through.

What was really bizarre about this story was the fact that after having delivered her daughter, Amanda Staplehurst remained pregnant for 10 more days with her son who arrived at a little over 24 weeks by C section because he was in breech position.

The babies are now being cared for side by side in incubators.


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