Baby Born Onboard Airplane to Fly Free for Life

Little William may not know how lucky he is yet, but the accident of his birth has ensured that he will get to fly free on board Air Inuit for life!

baby free travelLouisa Pilurtuut from Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec, 18 years of age, was expecting her first baby Dec 23. But baby had other plans and she went into labor more than a month early on Nov 16.

Since she went into labor early, she had to be transported by an Air Inuit medevac flight along with her father and cousin.

And it was while they were still airborne that baby William decided to make his appearance. He will now get a free pass for life, aboard Air Inuit, since this is the policy of the airline.

This just proves the old adage that babies make their own time of arrival; nothing you do or say will make any difference to them and on when they actually decide to make an appearance into the world.

So we can make plans and then fine tune those plans, but baby will arrive when he or she is good and ready!


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