Babies Can Learn Far More Than We Thought They Could

newborn babyNew research has discovered that a baby’s brain is capable of much more than has very previously been imagined.

By using up to date methods and modern equipment scientists now know that large amounts of data can be learnt in a comparatively short space of time.

Famously Rene Descartes deemed that newborns had no brain capabilities other than those through the sense of touch however the opposite seems to be more true, according to Alison Gopnik of the University of California.

She goes on to state that the brain of a baby is designed to learn as much about the world as quickly as is possible. So the leap from helplessness to knowledge is a quick process and is only slowed down by the lack of understanding with which a baby is treated.

For many years the scientific world has concentrated on the inabilities of a baby’s brain to perform compared to adults behavior. [Baby Development]

For example, a baby is seen as being unable to focus on a specific object, however this could now be seen as a requirement to allow the baby to process more information at one time.

A possible example of this phenomena, is during mental illness when some adults regress to an earlier state of mind and can go through a baby like phase.

Often during this period a person can become more creative and have a less narrowed point of view on a range of things.

Interestingly, being able to think like a baby could be now seen as a positive but more importantly the untapped potential of a human being at its early stages is a truly fascinating discovery.


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