Are Second Babies More Fussy

It is something blogs and scribes are referring to as the “Good First Baby Curse” – the fact that Kourtney Kardashian’s second child is fussy and keeps her up all night. Apparently her first baby was a much easier to handle than the newly born Penelope.

Crabby new baby for Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian secound babyWhile her first baby Mason was far easier to handle, second born Penelope is much less so. According to reports, she is keeping up her parents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick all night, causing sleeplessness and stress and probably affecting the relationship as well.

Are second babies fussier?

It is something that many parents will report to having experienced. The first born child was practically an angle to bring up – sleeping restfully through the night, taking long feeds and being content most of the time. It’s the dream first child scenario.

But the second child makes up for it all – cranky, colicky, unable to settle for a long time, keeping parents up all hours of the day and night. In a sense the easy first baby is lulled parents into a false sense of ease which the second baby manage to destroy; a rude awakening for the parents!

However it could just be that with the first baby, the mother’s attention and resources were fully concentrated on the new baby. And then when the second baby comes the mother has to do double duty for the older child as well as the new born. She could be more stressed, this could be impacting her milk, and the child may not be nursing as well.

Other ways that the second child may differ

In general women find second pregnancies different than their first ones. They usually feel the baby move earlier in the womb than they did the first time around. The mother is also more experienced this time around and knows how to handle pregnancy issues.

It is also often seen that second babies are born a little earlier and perhaps with a shorter and less troublesome labor. In a great many cases, second babies may be bigger and heavier than their older siblings.

It is also seen that second babies may attain their milestones a little faster than first babies. They do often tend to speak earlier than their older sibling probably because they have someone to practice with all the time.

The bottom line is that each pregnancy is different and each baby is different as well. So in each case, it is best to expect the unexpected!


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