A Checklist for New Moms to Go out with Their Newborns

Many new moms feel housebound, which can bring on frustration and limit the range of activity that the mother may be used to. However with some judicious planning there is no reason why a new mom shouldn’t do all the things that she needs to do and go out the same as she would otherwise. Here are some tips for new moms to go out with their babies

new momsThe Bag – You should have a bag filled with essentials such as diapers, wipes, maybe a change of clothes for baby, cloth to wipe up a spit up and so on.

Replenish this bag when you get home from any outing, rather than just before leaving for another outing. This way you always have it ready when you want to go out.

Tips for Bottle feeding – For bottle feeding moms, options such as cartons of formula, ready sterilized bottles and so on can be a very convenient and easy option, albeit a rather more expensive one.

Look out for baby friendly places – Cafes that typically have a lot of moms, baby changing facilities, places that are roomy enough to accommodate a pram or buggy, or those that make breast feeding comfortable for new moms are all things that one should look out for.


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