6 Things You Can Gift a Newborn

Trying to figure out the best gift for a friend or relative who recently became a mom? This post comes to your rescue.

When people learn to think, you can gift newborn things that you are sure would please them, but what about newborns who don’t have any clues about the world? Parents are excited, but also confused and overwhelmed with this new responsibility bestowed upon them. This gift should aim at making their lives easier. Here are five gift ideas that will be appreciated by both, parents and the new comer.

Baby carrier sling

Most babies always cling onto their parents, and this carrier sling will get the  job done for the parents while ensuring their baby is safe and secure. This is a useful gift, and chances are they haven’t got the same thing from another family.

Baby nail clipper with LED

One of the most menial task is cutting their nails. They have tiny hands, and even tinier fingers. Trying to use the adult nail cutter will only harm their tiny fingers. Baby nail cutters are a life saviour. They have LED lights which help you to cut your baby’s nails while they are asleep as it’s safer to cut while they are not moving their hands vigorously.

6 Things You Can Gift a Newborn

Baby Sitting voucher

Everyone with a baby often finds them in a situation where they have to find a babysitter to take care of their little one. This voucher with its free service will come handy in such an emergency. When the need arises, it is not always simple to find someone reliable, so they will think back and use your voucher. Basically, that would make your gift the best.

Waterproof silicone bib

New-born baby means a lot of washing. You have tiny clothes to clean and millions of pampers to replace. Babies are constantly drooling, and bibs need to be changed just too many times. Waterproof silicone bibs are easy to wash and take no time to dry. The gift might not sound like a conventional gift, but the parents are going to thank you, trust me.

Funky baby clothes

Gifting clothes might seem too mainstream, so why not add some spice to it with some funky captions on their clothes, preferably onesies.  Internet is a river of ideas, and finding something cool won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Sure you can find a readymade one, but to make it more special you can have it customized.


They sound like something everyone would think of gifting so most people overlook it by telling themselves it is just too common. But chances are, most people think just like you and get lost in their pursuit of finding something unique. Diapers are one of those gifts which will never go unused. A newborn needs changing so often that even if they have hundreds in store, yours is still going to be used.


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