Winter Blues: Kids’ Health Issues to Consider

There are a lot of things that you have to think about regarding kids’ health.

Although winter seems to be a really exciting period of the year with all the gifts, family fun, holidays, friends, celebration and so on, the rest of the season is quite boring. As January begins, children go back to the same routines at school with homework, the same family activities, and this is when the winter blues could appear.


Kids Health Issues in WinterIn order to understand your child, you must know how he or she is feeling. This is why it is important to make the child verbalize the feelings. In some cases this alone could help.

Ask about the way he or she felt during the activities of the past period, what he or she thinks about them and also ask the way the changes make him or her feel.

Point out that the busy period is now gone, and ask what he or she feels like regarding this matter.

Special activities

Even though the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something fun. Think about playing family games once a week, or having a special dinner with candle lights.

A really nice idea that you could use is to have breakfast by the candle lights (in case it is still dark when the kids get up). This is a cozy way to start the day.

Other people

In order to engage your child in different activities, you can also think about other people. In case the little one feels like he or she is making a difference, that makes him or her feel better, feel useful. You could ask the child to pick some toys for donations, or to visit a shelter or a nursing home. These types of activities always have a great impact on children, and they also learn a little something about society. Such activities might be important for children’s health.


In the normal life, adults lead the life of children, but for time to time they would like to take control. Make sure that you allow this every now and then. Just sit on the floor with the child and let him or her pick the activities. You shouldn’t suggest the activities. Just sit there silently and respond to the initiatives of the child. Make sure that the child has all your attention.

Physical activity

Although it’s winter it doesn’t mean that children should spend the entire day in the house. Make sure that the little one won’t feel cold, and go for a walk. Also you could hide some peanuts in the snow and let the little one have a peanut hunt. Even in this period of the year you could ride the bicycle or go to the park and feed the ducks. These activities are great for kids’ health and they also help the family bond. Just forget being lazy, and think about the well-being of your child and of the entire family.


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