Why Eye Check Ups Are Just As Important As Dental Checks

infant careSenior optometrists Earl Pomeroy, Bryon Dorgan and Kent Conrad, along with other North Dakota optometrists have come together for better vision care for infants in the State.

Governor Hoven has announced that this week is the Infant SSE week in the state. He has urged parents to take advantage of this drive and protect their children’s vision.

As a part of the drive these experts are providing free eye tests for young children aged 3 to 12 months.

They have been stressing the fact that it is important to take care of their children’s eye sight before they start learning things.

Pomeroy supports the drive saying that similar to parents taking their kids to a dentist, for a child’s germ-free teeth, they should also apply the same concern for their eyes. [Newborn eyes]

He has also appreciated this gesture of all optometrists who have been working voluntarily and diligently through out in this event.

Eye and vision problems affect more than 10 percent of young children, and it can be a life long disorder, if not treated on time. In spite of the spread of awareness and great strides in publicizing the problem, only 15 percent of children have been reported to have consulted an eye care specialist in the state.


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