Why Babies Have Problems With Gassiness In Their Digestive System?

baby foodGas in a baby’s digestive system varies depending upon the baby. It is a common occurrence.

Some babies are bothered with this problem more than other babies.

Your baby may become fussy if he or she is having trouble getting rid of this gas. When your baby starts to drink their formula or starts to suckle the breast they can develop gas.

There are other reasons why babies get gas. Your baby’s formula and breast milk is not the only thing that can cause gas in your baby’s digestive tract. Having gas is usually not a serious condition.

Gas Causing Foods

It is believed that what a mother eats will affect her baby having gas. If you are breast feeding and are eating a lot of foods that can produce gas then your baby will probably have gas from what you have eaten.

Some things you may want to avoid while breast feeding are milk products. Even though these products are very nutritious for you and your baby in many ways they contain milk proteins that can cause gas.

Solid Baby Food

You should not start your baby on too solid a food before they are ready. A baby’s system is not set up to process solid foods like adults. Eating solid foods too early will cause your baby to have trouble with gas. [solid baby food]


When you are breast feeding your breasts may develop too much milk called foremilk. This type of milk usually has more water in it and a lot more lactose than regular breast milk. Foremilk comes out of your nipple quicker. Your baby can suffer with gas because of this foremilk.

He or she will try to drink this milk faster causing more air to go into their stomach. This can become a problem because your baby will want to nurse frequently. Pediatricians refer to this problem as hyper-lactation syndrome.

Excessive Stimulation

You would not think that all the hustle and bustle that occurs in your home would be a cause of your baby having gas problems, but it is.

Over sensitivity to lots of noise, too much touching, and chaos are some things that cause this problem. This problem could keep you and your baby up at night so you may want to try and make sure the noise level is a little lower around your baby.

Remedies for Gas Problems

Massaging your baby’s little tummy could help in the alleviation of gas in their digestive system. Make sure that you are very careful when you do this. You should always burp your baby after each and every feeding.

This will bring up some of the air that has accumulated in their stomach and will help to relieve most of their gas pains. There are medications that you can give your baby for gas but it is best to consult a pediatrician before you administer anything.

Your baby’s stomach and digestive system will eventually mature and gas problems should become less frequent.


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