What Is The Best Medicine For A Newborn With Colic?

colicHere we came across a question commonly posed by new parents who are at their wit’s end trying to figure out how best to treat their baby’s colic.

Parents of newborns have themselves suggested the following things to calm a baby with colic:

  • Gas drops are one option, though they do nothing to improve the situation for some newborns.
  • Gripe water is a popular option that many parents swear by. The sweet taste is something that new babies seem to enjoy directly from the dropper or you can offer it along with water or formula.
  • Catnip or fennel are herbs that are known to offer comfort for colic. Fennel is often one of the ingredients in colic remedies and formulations as well.
  • Swaddling can help by putting mild pressure on a baby’s stomach and somewhat relieving the pain of the colic.
  • Nursing can help a baby with colic also – sucking comforts a child and will stop the wailing and the burp after the feed can bring up air that will ease the colic.
  • Rocking can comfort and lull a baby and thereby ease colic.
  • Soothe baby by putting him or her in a dark room with some or other steady humming noise (white noise).


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