What Is Shaken Baby Syndrome And What Is Not?

shaken baby syndromeWe have spoken before about what is Shaken Baby Syndrome however there is some controversy about what exactly constitutes shaken baby syndrome.

While it is true that vigorous or violent shaking of a baby can actually result in injury, should there be no bouncing of the baby at all and is all tossing of the baby harmful?

There is one view that says that any sudden movement or shaking motion could cause brain injury, and that parents, grandparents, and babysitters don’t realize what all actions could actually result in the baby sustaining serious injury.

However, this is not a view subscribed to by all and most experts are of the view that bouncing a child on a knee or gently tossing a child in the air does not cause injury as understood by shaken baby syndrome.

Most often it is the fear of dropping the baby that is the most crucial concern when you talk about tossing a baby up. In itself tossing a baby gently is unlikely to cause SBS.

Also certain other hypotheses have to be ruled out before concluding that Shaken baby exists in a particular case, such as vitamin C deficiency or gestational problems, before coming to a conclusion about SBS.


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