What Are Hiccups All About?

baby hiccupsAs a new parent you are probably familiar with the scenario of your brand new little baby hiccupping: great big hiccups that seem shake the tiny frame, convincing you that something must be horribly wrong!

You know you’ve done everything right in feeding and burping the little one and then the tiny bundle goes and starts that scary hiccupping!

Well the good news is that hiccupping infants are really not very much to be scared about and are harmless so long as they don’t interfere with feeding and sleeping. Most experts agree that this is something that is caused due to the relative immaturity of a baby’s internal organs.

Some doctors also opine that this is something that occurs more often after a baby being fed because the tiny little stomach fills up pretty fast and then presses up against the diaphragm, causing that hiccupping to start, which can be a trifle scary when it begins in the middle of the night and seems to go on and on!

And there is really little you can do to stop the hiccupping; none of the things that we as adults try doing (breathing into a bag, trying to scare one into ‘forgetting’ the hiccups etc) should be tried. You can however try to burp baby again and then; just wait it out really!


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