What Are Growing Pains?

Growing pains is more than just an adage; it is a reality that many kids face from infancy onwards. An estimated 25 to 40% of children may actually experience growing pains, which is basically the pain caused by growth of bones.

Though there is no concrete evidence to demonstrate that growing pains do actually occur, it is thought that they could be the reason why babies sometimes experience inexplicable episodes of crying[baby crying].

Kids may not be tired or hungry or otherwise uncomfortable and may still cry.

Pain could be present in the muscles in front of the thighs, behind the knees or in the calves. There is no outward appearance of this.

It is possible to deduce that a child is experiencing growing pains if there is inexplicable crying or if an older child complains of aches and pains.

Rule out any other causes of the discomfort. There is ordinarily no redness, soreness or swelling of any sort to indicate any other condition or disease.

The child responds to massage, being held and being cuddled. Gentle but firm massage can offer relief to a child and can comfort them. Stretching the affected muscles and placing heating pads on the area may also bring comfort and relief.


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