Want To Know The Common Problems While Weaning Baby From Breast Milk?

Weaning BabyYou can find a great vulnerability to disorders of the stomach and bowels of the child at the period of weaning baby.

Great care and judgment must be taken in effecting this object.

The bowel disorders are the result from one of these causes:

  • Affecting from breast milk in the early infant stages
  • Weaning baby too early
  • Over feeding your baby
  • Use of improper and unsuitable food

Weaning baby from breast milk and the substitution of artificial child diet for the breast milk of the mother can cause bowel disorders. At this stage the digestive organs of the infant are too delicate for this change.

The attempt to weaning baby when she is only six months old will inevitably be followed by disorder of the stomach and bowels.

At the period of weaning baby from breast milk and substituting artificial food, you have to take certain rules and regulations to effect weaning safely.

Effects of artificial food after weaning baby from breast milk:

  • If you give too large quantity of food at each meal time or the meals are too frequently repeated, in both instances the stomach will become oppressed, wearied, and deranged.
  • Part of the food may be thrown up by vomiting and the remaining not having undergone the digestive process. Hence it will pass on into the bowels, irritate its delicate lining membrane, and produce flatulence, with griping, purging, and perhaps convulsions.
  • Improper and unsuitable food will also be followed by the same effects.
  • Over-feeding and improper articles of food are more frequently fruitful. The result is of anxious hours and distressing scenes to the parent and of danger and loss of life to the child than almost any other causes.
  • Sometimes slight diarrhea affects after weaning baby from breast milk. At the time of teething it cannot be that much serious, because irritation caused by difficulty teething may give rise to diarrhea.

How to care after weaning baby from breast milk?

  • Weaning may be easier if you first introduce your baby to a cup instead of a bottle.
  • Unless careful alteration is quickly made, remedies will not only have no influence over the disease, but the cause being continued. Finally the disease will become most seriously aggravated.
  • First you have to analyze what kind of food suits the child best and after that the precise quantity which nature demands.
  • Manage your child diet with judgment and care. It is better if you start bland foods and make them almost as liquid as milk.
  • Introduce boiled water when you start weaning baby.
  • Avoid giving egg and non-vegetarian dishes as soon as the weaning process begins.
  • Give the soups of green leafy vegetables or mashed potatoes after weaning baby. It can be nutritious to her health.
  • Offer solid foods once or twice a day for the first month.


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