Vaginal Delivery Offers Better Bacterial Protection For Your Newborn

As compared with babies that are born via a Cesarean Section, those born naturally by vaginal delivery have better bacterial protection according to researchers. At a time when the percentages of babies born via C sections are increasing, this comes as a salutary finding.

It is not only medical reasons, older mothers and issues like obesity due to which we have seen an increase in the number of C sections in recent times, the number of elective C sections have also gone up.

There are many benefits of having children by natural or vaginal delivery, which exposes the baby to the beneficial bacteria present in the mother’s birth canal:

  • Children born by a C section are at twice the risk of developing food allergies.
  • They are also more likely to develop asthma later in life.
  • They are also at significantly higher risk of developing diarrhea.
  • The bacterial communities that pass onto a newborn baby from its mother’s birth canal can help to protect the child against various diseases.

As of now we don’t fully understand how the bacterial communities impact older children as they grow into toddler hood and beyond but the protection that a vaginal delivery accords to a newborn appears to be well established.


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